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Artist In Residence Program

If you are in a school setting and would like to tie together the subjects of history, social skills and physical education, Dance Your Way Through American History is for you.  From elementary schools to college settings across Michigan from Holland to Bloomfield Hills, students actively participate in these fun learning experiences.

Three-day residencies are available and may be expanded to five days for your specific needs.  The three-day residency covers the 1700's, 1800's and 1900's in both history and dance.  Class sizes are generally 24 to 60 students and class periods are typically 40 to 75 minutes long.  Either fiddle or banjo music launch the classes, followed by discussion of history and imagery for the period...then everyone joins in for historic dancing.  All dances are taught, walked through, then prompted with recorded or live music.  A group review of the dances and historical context brings the lesson home.