Traditional Dance Fun
From Ballroom to Barndance

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A wide variety of traditional dance programs are available to you. 

Programs can be provided for either beginning, intermediate or advanced dancers or a blend of all three.  Whether you're a family or community group or a serious contra dance organization, an evening of fun is yours to be had.  The teaching approach, instructions and prompting are tailored specifically to the level of dance your group would like to enjoy.

Family and Community Dances

Hoedowns, barndances and square dances are for family and community groups that want to gather for an afternoon or evening of social and healthy living fun.  These programs are typically one to three hours in length.  The longer programs include an intermission half-way through where many groups feature refreshments and snacks (everything from pop and cookies to cider and pie).  Dancers are asked to find a partner and join other pairs on the dance floor where light-hearted instruction and walk-throughs teach you the dances.  Then the music fills the air, and with the prompting, EVERYONE IS DANCING!!! 

It's a thrill.


Traditional Contra and Square Dancing

Evening programs for annual events, monthly dance series or weekend dance camps are available to you.  Huge libraries of dance notation and music, both historical and current, are used to develop programs that range from beginning and easy to advanced and challenging dancing.  Workshops from all manners of styling to all facets of traditional dance formations can be offered in 30 to 90 minute blocks.   Both the evening dances and workshops are presented in a concise and light-hearted fashion so you can get right to the music and dancing. 

As a fiddler and traditional dance musician, I know the value of wonderful live music and have enjoyed calling with many of the great bands in Michigan and across the country.  I particularly enjoy calling with The Olde Michigan Ruffwater of the best contra dance bands in the US.


Kids and Teens Programs

Boy scouts, girl scouts,   4-H'ers and teens have the bestest fun at acoustic dance parties.  Quality recorded music or the very best in live traditional music (typically fiddle, dulcimer and piano) gets everybody jumpin'.  Dance programs constructed with kids and teens in mind include reels, squares and circle dances.  Everything from a hoedown to a Winter Ball promises a fun afternoon or evening.  One to two hour programs work real well and can be shortened or extended for a specific event.